Normally the time between the primary and the general election is pretty dull. This year the race between QAOF (Quinn Ain’t Our Friend) and Bruce Rauner is going to be a cat-and-dog fight as both of them come after the “black vote.” 

In years past, the Democrats have rightly been assured that blacks would loyally vote for them. So in a right and fair world, that politician would reward a loyal populace with some tidbits of goodies. Jobs, contracts, money being spent so we don’t have to come begging, etc. 

But guess what? The nickname QAOF is as descriptive as can be of the relationship between our current governor and the black community. Even though 100 percent of black folks of voting age are eligible to vote, we are no longer the preferred minority. Black folks have been replaced by Hispanics, even if a huge percentage of them are here illegally and cannot vote. Hispanics are being courted based on the potential of one day being able to vote while black folks, who can vote, are being told to let just one more group stand on our 6-foot-tall shoulders in 7 feet of water. 

Truth is, come November if QAOF doesn’t get out the black vote, he is a goner. Rauner has corralled the Rev. James Meeks. Remember how he saved Roseland by closing down all the liquor stores? Yeah, it didn’t work but it sure made good publicity and got him elected to the state senate where he pulled the “registering black kids in Winnetka” stunt! And don’t get me started on the debacle known as the last mayoral race, when on Christmas Eve, the good Reverend had some sort of revelation because he dropped out to allow the current occupant of the fifth floor at city hall to slither his way in. He also has Hermione Hartman (remember how you used to love picking up that issue of N’digo magazine all over town and now you can’t even find one if you tried?). If peoples’ memories are short — and most folks’ are — then seeing well-known blacks on stage with Rauner might sway some voters. 

QAOF is a legitimate tagline for our governor. Voting for him last time was a vote for the lesser of two evils. Come this November, the choices again have been confirmed again: voting for the devil we know vs. the devil we don’t know! 

Last time QAOF pulled it off by just several hundred votes. Can he do it again? It’s hard to say unless … QAOF pulls a rabbit out of his hat. And I have a suggestion as to what that rabbit should be.

QAOF needs to call a press conference and announce that his running mate, Paul Vallas, is going back under whatever rock he crawled out of. Translation? It simply means that Vallas suddenly discovers he needs to spend more time with his family. Then QAOF can pull his head from out of the sand and find a dynamic black running mate. QAOF chose Vallas as he did Sheila Simon because he wanted white running mates he felt would appeal to black voters. We aren’t bright enough to recall the stunt he pulled on Art Turner in 2010. Or that fantastic snippet of the late Mayor Harold Washington declaring how he wouldn’t vote for QAOF to be a dogcatcher. 

 Many prominent blacks in the media are already starting the “scare” tactic message. Well I, for one, ain’t buying it. I’d rather go into a room with a known enemy and watch my back over going into a room with a “friend” and being shocked to find the knife in my back.