Location: West Side Business Network Lunch Event, Robinson’s Ribs, 940 Madison, Oak Park.

Darnell Shields
“My secret to success is to never leave anything to chance. Always do your homework and make sure you believe in yourself and whatever it is you are trying to do. That way you will always put your best foot forward.”

Lindsey Miller
“My secret to success is to always know there is room for improvement, and if you are always trying to improve, then you will always succeed.”

Martasz Jackson
“My secret to success is being innovative and ambitious. That’s how I was able to invent the AC Clamp, which prevents burglars from entering your home by removing your air conditioning window unit.”

Tanya Harris
“My secret to success is networking and getting out and meeting people and talking about your business and marketing. You have to market your business. If you don’t do marketing, then no one knows you exist.”

Carolyn Boykin
“My secret to success is faith based on following the plan that God has for me in my life. Not necessarily moving along my own path but stopping to see what God has for me, and then moving along that path. When moving along God’s path, it seems so effortless and seamless because he already has thing lined up.”

Diondai Brown Whitfield
“Keeping God first and foremost in my life and believing in yourself, knowing what your vision is, showing respect for yourself and your elders — that’s my secret to success.”

Mary McMullen
“My secret for success is determination and being focused at all times.

Terry Zachata
“Just hard work, enthusiasm and loving what you do.”