Location: Walgreens parking lot, Laramie and Madison

Anna Lyons
“Dewele. He is a neo-soul recording artist. He recorded ‘Weekend Love’ and ‘Old Lover.’ He has quite a few of them that are really nice.”

Terry Hannah
“I have to give it to Eminem because his music is not about killing and all that stuff. He has a lot of songs I really like.”

Mark “Church Music” Davis
“I must say as far as pureness from my mama’s age, it’s Luther [Vandross]. Coming of age, I have to say, it’s me. I spit and sing church music. Some people have just pure talent. Church is a building, and your building is your mind, and I’m just trying to clean out that building.”

Daryll Rose
“If you go solo, you have to say Tupac Shakur because the things he said back in the day are manifesting today. If you go by groups, I have to say Daryl Hall and John Oates. As a duo, they’re the best. When I first heard them, I thought they were African-American, but when I saw the album cover, it blew me away that two white guys could make music like this.”

Charles Gardner
“Mahalia Jackson because of the feelings and everything she had, and the way she presented herself.”

Dionte Creagh
“It’s hard to choose because I like most music. I listen to it all.”