Roger Tilson
“Well, as far as the past winter we just had, he did a pretty good job on that, but far as everything else give him a four. For his first time out, trying to do what he is trying to do, I’d give him a C minus.”

Lamony Jackson
“I would give him a C. I think there are some things that have been accomplished, but I think they still to fix the parking situation and some of the impoverished areas of the city. He still needs to do more.”

Kevin Farmer
“Not too much. I am not too familiar with him. I don’t live in the city any more. I just come in and get out. I use to live here on the West Side, but now I just come into the city and leave right out.

Mr. Buchannan
“Get him out of here. The grade of I would give the Mayor right now is he’s at an all-time low. There are too many deaths in this city. They say the murder rate is going down, but all we’re seeing are more killings, more murders. He’s not doing anything for the black community, for the Hispanic community. I don’t see anything he’s doing. He’s talking good, but he is not backing it up. I say get rid of him. He doesn’t need another term.”

Cora Bishop
“On a scale of one to ten, I’d give him a five. I think he needs to focus more on the school system for our children. He closed all those schools; children have to be bused out. A lot of small children have to walk to school by themselves. This safe passage is not good enough for these small children to be walking this long distance in the cold when they could be just right around the corner. It’s really ridiculous.”

Leslie Riley
“He’s all for money. That’s all he wants is money. I’d give him a D. He’s not about the people. He’s raising everything and not thinking about how we’re going to make it. He’s steady taking and taking and giving nothing to the people. “

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