Austin Community Laundromat – Central and Madison

Mario Howard

“Yes, because that’s wrong. I would tell because it’s the right thing to do. I wouldn’t be afraid to say something.” 

Jewel Martin

“Yes I would say something because that would be doing the right thing. I have seen someone stealing from a store before, but I didn’t say anything because they seemed like they were less fortunate.” 

Kevin Washington

“I would tell the person because I wouldn’t want anyone to do it to me.”

Shala Howard

“Yes I would say something because that’s wrong and you could go to jail. I have seen somebody stealing before and I told. I was not scared because I did the right thing.” 

Marco Howard

“Yeah, because I would like someone to tell me if that was happening to me. I wouldn’t be afraid to speak up. I would say stop. You wouldn’t want anyone to steal from you.”

Sherry Martin

“Yes I would say something because they are not supposed to be doing that. That’s bad. They can go to jail. I might not say anything; I might just call the police or try and help them.”


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