Nia C

“‘Happy Mother’s Day. You’re so sweet.’ I am going to give her some flowers and a heart with some chocolate in it. I am going to give her a new coat and some lip gloss.” [Also asked: “Where are you going to get this money from?” Reply: “From the bank.”]

Taylor J.

“I’m going to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to my mother, Jasmine; then I am going to give her a hug and kiss her. I am going to give her a picture, and I will draw her a heart.” 

Shamonia Peterson

“I’d like to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day,’ and ‘You’re one of a kind.’ We are going to this restaurant up north called The Killer Margarita, and they also serve great Mexican Food.”

Viveca Packer

“‘Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.’ My mother, Marilyn Packer, is a very nice, kindhearted woman. She is very generous. My mother is in a nursing home, so I am going to her favorite restaurant, MacArthur’s, and buy her dinner and take it to her. I am also going to buy her some crossword puzzle books and coloring pencils.

Lemeeka Evenly Winn

“I love my mother, Tracey Koontzs. She is wonderful because she is strong, positive, bold, and sassy. She’s like the better half of me. I am going to surprise her with a trip up here to Chicago from Southern Illinois.” 

Latrice Thomas

“I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely mother, Latrice Thomas. She is a good parent. Thanks for all you did for me. I am taking her out and spending time with my mother.”

Eric Towner

“Happy Mother’s Day. I want to say there is not one day on the face of this planet that can show enough appreciation for my mother, Katrina, so I show appreciation every day to my mother. I plan to go see her, say hey, and spend some time with her. What’s so special about