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Cherry Martin

“I’d take it to the police station because someone really needed that money. You don’t know what it was for. You know how seniors do; they put their money in anything. They could have been taking that money to the bank or doing a transaction with it. I know it don’t belong to me, so I’d take it to the police station.” 

Marcus Byrd

“I’d keep it. No doubt about it. I found it, it’s mine.”

Gladys Robinson

“I’d keep it. I thought about taking to the police station, but with the economy the way it is, I would keep it. If it had a name or something on it, then I’d take it to the police station.” 

Edward Dade

“I would put in it my bank account and talk about the economy and how hard times are. I’d talk about how grateful I am to have found this money.” 


“I’d keep it. I’d look both ways, then take it and pay some bills.”

Latrice Thomas

“If I could not tell who it belonged to, I’d keep it. It would be a blessing and a gift.” 

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