If you’re part of the manufacturing, production, or distribution industry, you will want to consider joining this FREE networking group.

Started on behalf of Austin Weekly News’ West Side Business Network, this group’s goal is to facilitate connections throughout the Chicagoland area.

The Austin Weekly News’ West Side Business Network offers business development and networking opportunities for professionals on the West Side of Chicago. Partner with your neighborhood newspaper to grow your connections and expand your business!

The West Side Business Network is the umbrella group for the AWN Business Development Group, West Side Women, West Side Men, West Side Bridge (bridging the gap between the West Side of Chicago and the Western Suburbs), West Side Manufacturing Network, and the Illinois Press Association award winning Out & About in Austin – showing all that’s good on the West Side of Chicago.  

More than just networking and advertising support, we offer consultative marketing and business management strategy support, connections to funding opportunities, and partnership matching that makes sense.

Why trust us? Because we make it our passion to connect with everyone in the communities we serve. What are you waitng for? Join today!

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