Eddie Dade: 

“Yeah, it was right what they done to him. He should be out of there. You do not want to be around people like him. There is enough trouble in the world. He’s one of the last of the old prejudice generation. The team is not all he’s been doing. He’s a slum landlord. He treats his white tenants well and has his black tenants living in insufficient housing. He’s doing a lot of wrong stuff, not just in the game.” 

Marlin Kirby

“I think he got what he deserved. I like that the NBA players stepped up and demanded that something be done about what Sterling said and believes.”

Ernest Wiley

“I think they overreacted because I think over half of the NBA owner’s have the same beliefs as Sterling. He has done a lot for black people. His words were wrong, but actions speak louder than words. He was fined and banned from the NBA, but I don’t think he should lose the team.” 

Zay Robinson

“Well, I am not sure. He didn’t say anything really derogatory. It was a private conversation. As I read the conversation, I felt like it was a setup because his girlfriend’s follow-up questions seemed designed to entrap him.” 

Sy Bounds

“Well, this is not a civil rights issue. And, truth be told, some of the things he said about Magic Johnson were true. Magic has changed, but it’s a bitter pill to shallow. Sterling is part of the old racist regime that has yet to die off. He said what many others think.”

Luis Romo

“I believe he deserved what he got. Those words and actions spoke for it.  That woman knew what was going on. She got mad then everything came out. I am glad for the results. He should have to sell the team.” 

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