Coach Daniels ends practice with high fives all around.

An Austin based inner-city youth baseball program called “Urban Hardball,” is teaming up with After School Matters to bring T-Ball to the children of Austin, all because of a partnership between Pyramid Players Productions and the Chicago Park District.

Boys and Girls 5 years through 8 years old are being introduced to basics of baseball including catching, throwing and batting. Local teens are benefitting from the program as well, since many have been brought in from After School Matters to help facilitate the program. Coordinator Keith Daniels is working with children in addition to providing leadership for the teen interns.

The purpose of the program is not just to teach baseball fundamentals to the children. There are many life lessons that are learned through developing the disciplines needed to be successful in playing a team sport like baseball. The T-Ball Program is happening at Columbus Park in the after school hours.

For more information contact Keith Daniels at (708) 903-1112.

Photos courtesy of Bob Mead.

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