Lake Street between Central and Parkside

Glynn Woodard

 “I would like to see it built downtown because everyone would get a chance to come see it and visit. Downtown is a great tourist spot.” 

Marte Tibbs

“I would like to see it built on the West Side because I live on the West Side. The people can come here to visit.”

Charlotte Carter

“I am not a person who really cares where it goes. It will benefit Illinois wherever it goes. I don’t really get into ‘you’re from the West Side or the South Side.’ If he wants it over here, then I agree, because I don’t think the geographical location is a big deal.”

Marcella Lockett

“I think as long as it’s in Illinois, then it should benefit everybody because we need more education. I’d like to see it on the West Side in the Austin area, but people will come whereever it is.”

Javonte Hodges

“I would like to see it built whereever it will be more efficient or more effective. That depends on the people in the actual community. It depends on who will be involved in putting the library together.”  

Brandon Jackson

 “I would like to see it built on the West Side so I can visit it a lot.”

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