The patients of Sinai Health System are speaking. Now, more than ever, leaders are listening.

At Sinai Health System, a safety net health system based in Lawndale, leaders have created a Patient Advisory Council. The purpose of the Council is to give patients and their families an outlet to share feedback about their experiences with Sinai Health System. The feedback allows Sinai leaders to improve the care provided at Sinai Health System’s care facilities, which include Mount Sinai Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, Sinai Children’s Hospital and Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital.

At the Patient Advisory Council’s inaugural session on May 29, former patients and their families gathered at Mount Sinai Hospital for a luncheon. In the company of Karen Teitelbaum, Chief Operating Officer at Sinai Health System, and Michele Mazurek, RN, MSN, MBA, CCRN, Director of Trauma and Critical Care, patients shared stories and recommendations, and identified potential areas for quality improvement. Sinai leaders were also able to gauge patients’ and families’ opinions on new initiatives within Sinai Health System’s facilities.

“At Sinai, we have always been committed to listening to the diverse needs and desires of the communities we serve,” Mazurek said. “Our new Patient Advisory Council gives us another great way to learn from the people who matter most to us: our patients. With this new initiative, we are excited to work alongside patients as a team in the name of making lives better.”

All information shared at Patient Advisory Council meetings remains confidential, and patients are encouraged to share only what they feel comfortable disclosing. Sinai Health System plans to hold Patient Advisory Council meetings four times a year.

New members are welcome. Former Sinai patients interested in becoming Patient Advisory Ambassadors can call Bridget Gamble at (773) 257-5720. Spanish-speaking callers may contact Violeta Gudino at (773) 257-6073.