Acceptance of oneself is fundamental to live a Healthy, Wealthy life. It is the foundation of everything we do in our lives. Acceptance allows us to flow freely with wherever we are and whatever it is we are doing: work, career, relationships, etc… 

We often look outside at others to see what they are doing in their lives, compare, complain and become mundane. 

Self Acceptance allows us to stop the comparison of ourselves to others. instead, it focuses on what we have already done and where we are going. We can let go of other peoples accomplishments because it unties our focus to create our own dreams, ideas and beliefs allowing them to come through. Where the focus goes the energy flows. So focusing on self acceptance frees you up from judgement of yourself and others. It lets you be who you are and them who they are. There is no shortage for success in the spiritual. God has uniquely created each one of us for self love, self fulfilment and to be in service. 

Acceptance allows us to appreciate where we are and what we have. True acceptance of ourselves means letting go of the self defeating demon who is always criticizing, judging and reminding us of who we are. Our internal “Dialogue of Defeat.”

When this occurs we must have a self loving retreat and rewire the Demon Dialogue aka (Dialogue of Defeat ) in our heads. As I call it the DD has taken over and when it does we can no longer see our Self Value which means No Self Acceptance.

I have personally allowed the DD to run, ruin and refute some of my life in many areas, if not all. Now that the pages have turned and a new birth year has begun for me I am aware of the DD even more and have learned to harness the dialogue and continue to move toward in full acceptance of who I am. This is my prayer for you as well.

I ask you to question the dialogue of self defeat in your head. Rearrange the importance of this dialogue and move forward to become and accept a healthier wealthier you.  

Everyone deserves the right to happiness and as long as we do not accept who we are with all of our supposed flaws, extra curves and imperfections as John Legend says in his song we will never be truly happy. 

So go within and listen to yourself and see what you are saying about yourself. Set up new stories of self dialogue. Approach life with vigor and knowledge knowing you are a divine creation of God waiting to expand and release the truth of this into the world. 


Read, pray, meditate on self-acceptance. Allow yourself to be aware and acknowledge where you are then you can move forward. Acceptance means:

Acceptance is the Spiritual Coat for self unconditional love. No one can love you into love you have to love ourself first before others can truly love you. Be aware of this… 


I accept who I Am as I Am.

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