Growing up, I wasn’t a gigantic fan of Star Trek. But one of the most mystifying moments for me was when Mr. Spock would label something as not being “logical.” That was a very mysterious and scary term for me. I had no clue what it meant. Contextually, the word and premise were foreign to me. “Logic” was weird, strange, something they taught in college — thus it had to be beyond my comprehension. 

Then I went to school and learned computer programming, which is “logic” in overdrive. Nothing teaches a person logic like a program that had abended (abnormally ended) due to a flaw in the “logic.” 

In retrospect, I would define “logic” as “common sense.” Like if you walk in doggie doo, you’ll smell like crap. If you elect a mayor who screwed up as chief of staff at the White House, he’ll screw up the city as mayor. 

I have never been a supporter of the current mayor. I dislike him so much that I try never to say his name. He is the biggest farce since the Emperor’s New Clothes. He attempts to give the impression that he cares, but his eyes are like a shark — soulless and dead. 

Yet if someone could read anything into them, the man is as cunning as a fox. For only a creature who knows his prey would be as logical as the current mayor to announce before an upcoming election that he is going to lay off teachers and support staff due to declining enrollment. 

Wait a second! Mr. Red “X” man, who is tearing down every building he can in the black neighborhoods; Mr. Red-Light Camera man, who runs them and doesn’t pay while the average citizen has to cough up the fines; Mr. Speed Camera man, who wants folks to drive slowly past schools he will be closing and by parks where drive-bys keeps kids out of them; who has to try and get re-elected. But he’s not worried because he is already filling his back pockets with jack-legged preachers who will sell out the community for their 20 pieces of silver to guarantee four more years of focused destruction of black neighborhoods. 

Logic says if you destroy 20,000 units of public housing and replace it with 200, you will lose people. 

It isn’t often mentioned that the mayor’s children don’t attend public school. Logic says, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” except when you want to make sure that certain children remain undereducated. If the mayor’s children are getting a wonderful education, why isn’t he finding a similar model for everyone else’s children other than subjecting our children to the “experimental charter school” model of education? 

One of the things to be very careful of is “flawed” logic. Like the one that says the person with millions in the bank is the one who will win. Don’t tell that to Eric Cantor. He had $5 million and lost to the man who spendt less than $200,000. The secret? Voters who vote!

The 2015 mayoral election is Tuesday, Feb. 24. It is a one-shot deal: Whoever gets 50% of the vote plus one is the winner. Every Chicagoan needs to make sure that everyone in their household is registered to vote and that everyone shows up on Election Day and does for the mayor what he is doing to teachers and other school employees: Fire him like he is firing them!

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