Around town

Clarissa Ellis

“The most fun I ever had was in collecting Pokemon cards. I am going to play this summer with my friends Matthew, Olivia, Cole, and Anna.” 

Sherman Lofton

“My best time was taking a road trip to Detroit every weekend with my friend Shan back when I was in Chicago State University. This summer, I promise to give everyone a hard time in love because I love everybody. I am just going to freestyle this summer.”

Elect Lady Debery Washington

“The most fun I ever had was working with the youth at our church. This summer, I plan to work with them again.”

Jhahary Spearmen

“I guess escaping out into the wild and really just adventuring around without doing so much of what’s already been done, just exploring and finding our passion. This summer I will probably do the same thing with my two best friends, Isaiah Spivey and Devan Kohn.”

Minister Shirley Williams

“The most fun I have ever had during the summer with my best friends was when they turned on so much water (fire hydrants) so I could cool off. I love water; I’m like a water baby. This summer, I am going to Wisconsin Dells and get in all the water for real.”

William Spearmen

“The most fun I’ve had during the summer is doing just simple things like going out to eat, laughing, and having fun. This summer, I am just planning to go out to Six Flags and hang out with my best friend, Sherrandlus.”