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A recent poll for mayor had Toni Preckwinkle easily beating Rahm Emanuel for mayor. That is not a hard thing to imagine when one considers that the current mayor isn’t popular with the majority of city residents. Truth is—he isn’t a “real” Chicagoan. He spent his formative years in the suburbs, his children are too good to go to the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), and his ambitions are grander than just being the mayor of this hick town. So when Preckwinkle held a press conference and said she wasn’t interested in running, I’m sure the mayor kissed the ground she walks on. 

The next person who if the election were held who could win against the mayor was Karen Lewis. She is the feisty head of the Chicago Teachers Union and the woman who the mayor once told, “F U Lewis.” Something I might add that he has been doing to the rest of us in this city—but I digress. There is no love lost between the two of them. Karen Lewis was raised in Chicago and went to CPS. 

When the witty people on the mayor’s staff were told of the poll results, their response was loud and clear: Laughable.

Now I must confess that I did agree with Rahm’s staff. The image of a mayoral race featuring Karen Lewis vs. Rahm Emanuel did have me laughing. I was rolling all over the floor laughing at the image of Karen Lewis giving him her size eight right up the old keyster. 

Kicking Rahm out of office would be a fitting tribute to a mayor who came in and immediately began putting his foot up our behinds. Remember this is the mayor that used a pseudo-endorsement by Obama as his entire campaign strategy. 

Mental health clinics—close ’em. Building that could be rehabbed—tear ’em down. Schools in the black neighborhoods—close ’em. Watching Rahm lose the election and have to pick up and leave would be—laughable.

There is something about Karen Lewis as mayor that feels right. I think Amara Enyia who has already announced her plans to run for mayor is a very smart and brilliant woman. Her problem? She doesn’t connect. When she spoke before a crowd of everyday folks at Marshall High School, she didn’t connect with the audience or me. All of Chicago has its neighborhood “David vs. Goliath” stories. And when a candidate for mayor stands before folks from East Garfield Park, the residents needed to be reminded of that courthouse project (Goliath) that devastated a fragile community only to lose out when a group of dedicated community members (David) opposed it and won. I would like to see her run for alderman or city clerk. As for the other announced candidates; Bob Shaw and Frederick Collins—I’m not feeling them. Rumors are also flying that Emil Jones or Kwame Raul are thinking about running. When those elected officials who have historically been the mouthpieces for the Democratic Party suddenly go up against a fellow Democrat, question their sincerity. We don’t need another Carole Mosely Braun, Danny K. Davis or Patricia Van Pelt Watkins moment. All entered the last mayoral race with the sincerity of a fox guarding the hen house. And to make sure those who are playing games over this most serious election don’t do it, then refuse to sign their nominating petitions! 

Lastly why do I think a Karen Lewis candidacy is laughable? Because it stands for: Lewis’ All-Chicago Unites Gays, Hispanics, Asians & Blacks: Loose Emanuel! L.A.U.G.H.A.B.L.E!

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