I haven’t had the chance to rant and rave over various things that irk me in quite some time. So now is as good a time as any to so do.
Let’s start first with the red-light and speed cameras that are now sprouting up like weeds all over the city, except for downtown Chicago. Those cameras have been in the news since their proposed installation.
To learn that the mayor’s SUV has run red lights and speed lights at least 17 times doesn’t surprise me. But everyone who has been forced to pay a ticket because of those cameras should be up in arms.
The city claims that the ability to contest the tickets is limited to their predetermined list of excuses. Yet, the ones for the mayor’s car were dismissed. So I am calling on everyone who gets a speed camera or red-light camera ticket to protest said ticket using the Rahm Defense.
What is the Rahm Defense? Who knows? But if it was good enough to get the tickets dismissed on the mayor’s vehicle, including when he was out of town, then we average mopes deserve the same consideration.
Next, I wonder who the person is that gets to determine why so many intersections are left-turn on arrow only? I can understand it for certain locations during daytime hours. But in the middle of the night there is nothing more frustrating than having that kind of turn signal.
Worse is to be driving to the location where a left turn needs to be made and because your car wasn’t sitting and waiting on that turn signal, now you have to wait the entire green light timeframe of traffic travelling in the same direction of as you, but also the green light time of the cross traffic.
Are you, like me, enjoying the falling gas prices? I can always tell when a national election is forthcoming, because the gas prices make major declines in price. A researcher noticed the same thing. Although there are normal fluctuation spikes, election years end to bring a more noticeable decrease in the costs.
I read a story about Haitians travelling from their island to an uninhabited small island off the coast of Puerto Rico. As that island is U.S. soil, they then go to an airport and fly into the continental United States using their Haitian driver license as the ID since there aren’t any customs or border patrol occurring at the airport in Puerto Rico.
Somehow I have a feeling that Luis Gutierrez won’t be travelling there to help those “immigrants” make it to shore nor advocate that they become a burden on Puerto Rican taxpayers.
How come the only time that black folks from America ran to Canada was during slavery? If we have to take in thousands of Central Americans because they have been exposed to gangs, drugs and violence, then how come black folks aren’t running to Canada to avoid the same problems here?
If this country is so concerned about children being exposed to alleged violence, how come no one is flying those Palestinian children to America seeing that they are being bombarded by Israel with genuine violence? Is one child’s distress more important than another’s? What about girls in Nigeria being subjected to abductions and forced marriages?
 Lastly, many of the so-called unaccompanied children have parents who are already in this country illegally. Many of those parents are guilty of child endangerment as they pay to have their children sneak into this country. When Obama pulls his stunt to legalize those here illegally, remember it was he who brought in all the kids they had left behind.
And when those million begin to file taxes and claim the unearned income tax credit, don’t be surprised when those programs meant to help poor Americans disappears.
I am no longer amazed at how easy it is to bamboozle folks who don’t think or pay attention. It is happening right now.
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