Location: Around Town

“One day I was walking down the street and this random bum fell down on the ground in front of me and he screamed ouch. I said, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ and he said, ‘I can tell you that hurt, but did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’ He was a real bum. He was toothless and stuff. His face was dirty and his hair was matted, but he was cleaner than most bums.”

Eddie D
“I was at the park at a kiddie Little League game with the twins I was babysitting, and the girl came up to me and asked, ‘Do you come here all the time?”

Paris Dorsey
“One day this man grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes and said, ‘I know your feet must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day.”

Mya Harris
 “Before I knew him, my boyfriend told a mutual friend of ours to go tell me that he loved me, and me being me, I said tell him I love him too. Then he said, ‘Can I call you?’ And, I said, ‘How are you going to call me and you don’t have my number?’ So, I gave him my number and he called me and we’ve been together ever since.”

Bonita Lofton
“I was standing on the el platform under the heat lamp waiting for the Green Line, and my now boyfriend walked over and said, ‘Can I get some of that heat?’ I said yeah, and we’ve been together ever since.”

Marlin Kirby
“I don’t use lines. I just talk straight. I might say, ‘Wow, you’re beautiful, Why don’t we go out sometimes.” And that usually works.”