Summary & photographs courtesy of Bob Mead

Summer and baseball usually go hand in hand. This spring and summer the local organization Pyramid Players initiated a new program bringing baseball basics to the Austin neighborhood. The program timeline is for the children to learn baseball basics this year, and next year begin a local league of T-Ball.

The program has been staffed with youth through the After School Matters program. The high school youth received training and coaching and then in turn provided the training and coaching for the younger children. The children had a great time learning to throw, catch, hit, and run the bases. The older youth had the great opportunity to see and experience investing in the abilities and lives of someone younger than themselves.

Urban Hardball is a community baseball initiative created by Pyramid Players Productions to increase the number of African-American youth playing little league, high school, college and ultimately professional baseball. It builds sustainable supportive structures and networks in high need areas that promote the holistic development of young people. Please visit for more information 

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