Jeffrey Walker

“My dad, because he’ll protect me sometimes from gun violence and stuff. His name is Jeffrey Walker too.”


Rakayla Reed

“Batman is my favorite superhero. I don’t know why; I just like him.”


Tatianna Austin

“My cousin, Akira, because she’s my ride-or-die. She’s gonna protect me from whatever what. We’re really close. We’ve been buddies since we were kids.”


Marquis Ellis

“My mom, my dad, my cousin, everybody in my whole family. I love them so much, and they protect me from everything that I do.”


Michael Parker

“Murphy, the security guard at our school. She’s my superhero because she keeps me motivated to go on and on. She keeps me out of trouble. She keeps me doing my work and to keep going on and on.”


Akira Walker

“It’s my cousin, Tatianna Austin, because when you need her she’s going to be right there for you. I’ve needed her many times and she’s been there.”

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