loretta a. ragsdell ASKS:

Austin Park – Lake Street and Mayfield

Corey Haynes

“I’ll go for Superman because he has more superpowers than Batman.  Superman will whoop him instantly.” 

Baby 7

“I’d take Superman because Superman is too strong for Batman. Superman can fly anywhere he wants to, and Batman can’t do nothing. Batman, the only thing he can do is ride around in that little car he’s got, and Superman will probably break his car in half.” 

Big Tip Huron

“Superman, because I am through with Batman right now because he said I copied his hairstyle.”

Gucci Gucci 7

“I would bet on Batman because he has a lot of strategies. Superman wasn’t even born right. He doesn’t even know his family. Batman is going to win because he’s been training all his life. He trained somebody else. Yeah, I think Batman’s going to win because he has more strategies.”

Polo Off Mayfield

“I’d bet on Superman because he’s going to win. Superman has powers. He can fly. He’s got legs and super strength. All Batman can do is fight. He’s got to do more than that.”


“I’d bet on Superman because he’s real strong and he has super powers.  Batman is strong, but he’s not strong enough. I really think he’ll get his butt whooped.”