loretta a. ragsdell ASKS:


Natural Hair and Fashion Show, Sankofa Cultural Center, 5820 W. Chicago.

Tyesha Smith: 

“Tyra Banks. It’s just something about her: her spirit, her drive. I have always loved her since I was a little girl.”


Cheryl Crawford: 

“Yeah, I go on Instagram and look at a lot of fashion blogs and stuff like that. I really like Jill Scott.”


Marisha Baldwin: 

“Tyra is nice, but she is not as pleasingly pump as I am. I like Queen Latifah, the Queen is good; and Mo’Nique. For natural hair, I like the Monroe Sisters on You Tube. Check them out.”


Jamaya Jenkins

My favorite model is my auntie, Laura, because she stands up for me and she is my favorite aunt. She is pretty like me, and she knows how to work a dress.”


Alaura Fracton

“My favorite model is my sister, Jamaya.”


Peyton Harris: 

“My favorite model is my mama. Her name is Elizabeth Thompson. I like the way she puts on make-up and how she does my hair.”

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