Contributing Reporter

Babs Mitchell

“Yes, I do, and it’s almost time to start making it again. It’s my famous chicken and noodles, and my cornbread. I make the bomb chicken and noodles.  Everyone raves over it. Whenever I have guests they ask, “Are you going to make some chicken and noodles?” Everyone just loves it. It’s my grandmother’s recipe with a few secret ingredients.”


Gwen Haywood

“I love to eat, but I have to say, I do not know how to cook a thing. I love eating out. That’s why I’m at MacArthur’s enjoying my Sunday dinner.”


Jocelyn Williams

“Yes, it is my shrimp and pasta salad. It’s not a secret recipe. My friend made it up and passed it on to me.”


Kai Bieu Beauchamp

“Yes, it’s called Tuna Casserole. I got the recipe from my mom.  I have made it so many times; I can’t keep count. Everybody likes it.”


Sandy Williams

“I would have to say that would be my taco salad. It’s not a secret recipe, but it’s so basic they might think it’s a secret. I made it up.”



“My beef casserole. My family and friends tell me how good it is. My grandma taught me how to make it.”


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