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Quillitene Eastes: 

“I think [Ray] Rice should go to jail for a long time because that wasn’t right — how he was beating on his wife and stuff. I think that was real disrespectful. I think the guy that beat his kids should go to jail too. It’s not right to beat on kids. I won’t watch football again.”


Lavonte Rogers: 

As far as Ray Rice is concerned, get him some help, get him some treatment and move him away. As far as Adrian Peterson is concerned, I understand he beat his kids and you see scares, but you can’t blame him because that’s the way he was raised.” 

Cynthia Calhoun: 

“I really think they do have to pay the consequences. If you do a crime, you do have to do the time. I think money changes people. Ray Rice beat the crap out of his now wife; I think that is just disgusting.”

Tyrell McClaurin: 

“I think Ray Rice should have gotten suspended for more than two games. He should have gotten a greater penalty than he got. Adrian Peterson’s 4-year-old son was too young to be beaten, but we were all raised in different ways.”

Tomika Posley:

 “I think what happened with Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson should not have been put out in the public. I believe what goes on in your life behind your closed doors is your own business; and if his wife (Rice) decides to marry him, that’s their business, and it should not be put out into the public.”

Tyrone Kincaid:

 “I think they should be highly punished. They are great players and I love to see them play, but they have to pay the consequences for their actions.”

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