Edward Dade: 

“War, again? This is the same thing that W. Bush did. I know ISIS has been kind of vicious against Americans, but I don’t like it (war). I think Barack should just go ahead and do his couple of years, finish his term and go off and live a wonderful life with his wife and children and leave it to Hilary.” 

Raymond Dunbar: 

“I just say we’ve got to get prepared. We can’t not be prepared when it comes time for that, like the last time. We have to get our stuff together and take care of business; that’s it, that’s all. We have to get prepared, so we can get in there and get out.”

Michael Floyd: 

“Well, there’s going to always be a war because people don’t understand one another. That’s what the Bible speaks of — no kind of respect. We had it at one time, but we lost it. I think it’s going to be a long war.”

Donna Crenshaw: 

“We don’t need no war. We got one right here already in the United States. With all the crime and shooting going on, we’re at war big time. We (USA) need to mind our own business and deal with our war right here.”

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