Today’s column title is what I repeatedly ask myself as I watch or listen to news reports. As America has successfully dumbed down its populace, the question becomes one of a measurement of accuracy over hypothesis. 

I was listening to a black talk radio show this past Sunday morning. The discussion centered around a $50,000-a-plate political fundraising dinner. Yes, I said fifty thousand and not fitty dollars! One of the topics brought up at the fundraiser was raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour. Now I quickly used my CPS math to ascertain that even in a two-parent household, with both parents earning the new magical number together, they wouldn’t make in earnings in an entire year what the dinner attendees were paying for a single night’s dinner!

Now if politicians are hosting fundraisers at fitty-thousand a plate, we all know what party they belong to (wink-wink). ‘Cause right now in America we got the “rich but evil Republicans” versus the “not as rich but stealing every dime they can get, paternalistic demoncracks.” Some media types spew constant warnings to black folks about what the republicans are “gonna do” if they get in office while summarily ignoring what the demoncracks “have done” while in office. All the black community needs do is look at what we don’t get to see just how much our issues and concerns are being addressed.

 On the ballot in November is a referendum asking if the minimum wage should be increased to $10.10 an hour. I don’t object to the increase, but I am amazed (well really I’m not) at the people who label me falsely with accusations simply because I ask questions. 

If someone has been working for McDonald’s for years and they are still at minimum wage, whose fault is it? If they haven’t moved up the ladder to crew chief or assistant manager or even manager, what does it say about the value of their work skills? If because of the good food they prepare and the fast and appreciative service they give, the owner makes more money than a similar store with slovenly prepared food and service, will the boss reward his good crew with raises to keep them better paid than the store where they don’t? And if on the ballot the referendum to raise the minimum wage is just a question and not binding, then how come the demoncrack-controlled house and senate under a demoncrack governor don’t “Just Do It”? And by the way, it was POTUS Obama who was at the fifty-thousand-dollar-a-plate dinner. Maybe it’s just me, but no matter the current crisis, the man sure can attend a fundraiser.

Is it not politically correct to wonder where did the enterovirus come from so suddenly? My “just how dumb do they think we are moment” is knowing that when both my children went to daycare, their exposure to so many other kids led to numerous bouts of runny noses and catching “ringworms,” measles, and any number of other common childhood diseases. So to suddenly hear about a new disease and not wonder if it is a direct result of the hundreds of thousands of illegal alien children who were sent for by their parents and released into this country is naive. I strongly feel their arrival was by design so that when Obama promised an executive order on illegal immigration for the summer, then postponed it until the fall, and now it won’t do it until after the election, it shows he is a political hack who is more concerned with politics than what his decision will do to hurt the millions of poor people in this country who voted for him because of “Change You Can Believe In.”

Lastly, we know that the first person diagnosed in this country with Ebola is one who flew here with it. Why is this country refusing to deny admission to people coming from those countries? Why are they not quarantined? Are we so superior-acting that we believe we can beat a virus that can mutate when we can’t even cure the flu? 

Drug companies are salivating at the money they could make here if an epidemic began. Pay attention, ask questions and refuse to buy into the dumbness that those in charge seem so hell-bent on propagating!