Alderman Jason Ervin of Chicago’s 28th ward attended Community Day, a monthly meeting hosted by the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders.

On Monday, October 6th, this local group came together with Fathers Who Care, an organization dedicated to ending hunger, poverty, and violence around the world. This month, the gathering was called “West Side Violence & Substance Abuse Prevention Day.”

Alderman Ervin announced a resolution adopted by the City Council of Chicago recognizing the work of the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders, and of Fathers Who Care.

The event focused on reducing underage drinking, sunstance abuse, and senseless violence through better intergrnerational communication, and listening and addressing the concerns and comments of young people in the community; and an outstanding testament to the cooperation of community groups and stakeholders, the event truly demonstrated that collaboration toward a common goal will yield incredible success and steps toward community imrovement.

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