The Homecoming celebrations at the Austin High School Multiplex Campus last week rejuvenated the Austin High School spirit.

The week began with various themed days. It concluded with the Homecoming Game loss Saturday Oct. 18, against the Walton Payton College Prep’s football team. The dance was cancelled due to the announcement of an outside shooting while the rally was taking place. Since the campus is now committed to school safety, they had to cancel or postpone it.

The highlight of the Homecoming celebration was the Pep Rally. We witnessed the joy of all of the students in the auditorium. It was a high-energy, school spirited event. The team was motivated by the return of last year’s football players. The rally highlighted the combined schools, administrators and teachers of the campus — Austin Polytechnical Academy (APA), VOISE Academy (VA) and Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy (ABEA). The building’s employees worked collectively for a fun-filled week on the campus.

Although the team lost the Homecoming game, we applaud their courage and spirit to continue in spite of the challenges they faced. Their restraint and sportsmanship was phenomenal. While the Payton students laughed at the score, our players shook hands with the other team anyway and walked off the field in dignity.

This hospitable change has encouraged me to continue our new “Vision for the Austin Alumni and Campus” during the 125th year of the campus. We’ll be involved in monthly events to motivate the Austin High School Campus and our alumni.

Next Sunday Oct. 26, we’ll be meeting up at Brookfield Zoo in the afternoon to celebrate our school and the students. Please stay peaceful as we continue to celebrate Austin.

Go You Austin! 

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Austin High School Alumni Association: 312-476-0179

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