My name is Lillian Drummond and I have just celebrated my 93rd birthday. I want to share my thoughts and what is dear to all of us, young and old: our rights!

People have a right to vote for any party they choose and I respect that. But, what have any one of those billionaire Republicans ever done for any of our senior citizens, people with disabilities, low income, and young families with small children and babies?  Nothing!

It is a shame that some people will sell their souls for a little money. But what about the rest of us who will suffer because of a few greedy people? I have a problem with that.  Neither one of the billionaire Republican candidates — Jim Oberweis or Bruce Rauner — have ever done anything to help us, and now they have not said what they will do to help if they become a senator or governor. However, they have said they will cut our social programs. Think about that!

Now, some of those ministers and others who endorsed those two Republicans are trying to convince you to vote for them, too.

Back in 1985, we organized the Affordable Budget Coalition that passed the 12 Percent energy assistance plan that was signed by Gov. Jim Thompson but was unfunded later by Gov. Jim Edgar. The 12 Percent plan enabled low-income families to have heat and lights.

In 2009, we worked to pass SB (Senate Bill) 1918, the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (P.I.P.P.) that was signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn. The P.I.P.P. enables low-income people to pay just 6 percent of their income for energy and to be reconnected, and stay connected, if they continue to pay the 6 percent.  We have also been able to ensure that the Community and Economic Development Association (CEDA) that oversees the P.I.P.P. is funded.

So, I say to everyone, make sure you vote for the right persons who will help all ages, races, sexes, nationalities and creeds survive these hard and trying days.

Lillian Drummond

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