Kizzy Flowers

“I’d talk about love because I am always giving my family and friends advice on love. My sisters are always calling me about their relationships, and I’m always fixing it. I’m the love doctor.” 

Marquise Brown

“I would talk about football. I’m an expert because I like to run and catch. I am really good, and I hope to be a pro football player.”

Nathall Williams

“I’d be talking about everyday life; things that happen in life, like stealing, robbing, killing. I’d be telling them how to avoid it and how to look out for one another as black people.” 

Simon Benton

 “I would talk about trucking because I’m a trucker. I’m a live trucker. This is what I do for a living, and I know trucking. Actually, I call myself a transportation specialist. Anything dealing with trucking, just come and ask Simon, and I’ll give you an answer.

Sammy Butler

“I’d want to know why did Pastor James T. Meeks and Pastor Corey Brooks endorse that new governor we got. He’s a Republican and they’re supposed to be Democrats. It sounds like he paid them something and they endorsed him”

Shaquera Sims

“I’d talk about how to stop violence in the community and other stuff that’s going on.”

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