Bobbie Simmons

“Travesty, travesty, because they sold us out. Corey Brooks, James Meeks, and Willie whatever his name is on Sing-Along — I’ve known him for years and he still can’t sing, but he sold us out. He can’t talk either. I think, as a people, we still don’t know or don’t care what happens to us. We just let everybody dictate what happens to us. We’re happy with nothing. I am so unhappy that we are happy with nothing, and I don’t know what will make us change. Only God will make us change.”

Charlotte Stephenson

“I think the election was awful. Black people have not learned yet how to stick together. We need to learn to stick together. Barack Obama is the president, and I think we should have rallied behind him and supported him better than what we did. Any black person that’s a Republican is a bought Republican. No black people should be Republican because the Republicans are not for black people; they are mainly for themselves and the rich.”

Agnes Bell

“I don’t like the way it turned out because I don’t think the people went to the polls and voted like they should have, and when they start complaining about what’s going on and they don’t like it, they should just be still because they didn’t support the current governor; they didn’t support our current president, who is doing a wonderful job and has had a hard time since the beginning. I just pray to God that he stays there and stays healthy and keeps doing what he’s doing because I am in support of that.” 

Malvin Jones

“I think it might be good; we needed a change. I agree with Rev. Meeks and the others because the Democrats took us for granted. They didn’t do anything to help this president. I think it was the lesser of two evils because the Republicans haven’t done anything for us either. Meeks said we need to try something different because the Democrats are taking our votes for granted and they’re not doing anything.”

Dante Blackledge

“My thoughts are that black people, Hispanics, and other minorities don’t come out in the senatorial elections like they do in a presidential one, and because they don’t, the Republicans were able to get a foothold because they get their base energized to come out during these mid-term elections.”

James Carpenter

“I was not surprised. This is a typical result for a mid-term election. The fact that the Republicans bought some black preachers like Meeks and Brooks is also typical. I am sure they got their reward in cash.” 

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