Marlin Kirby

Mike Dorsey

“Yes, Rauner should have someone from the Austin community on his transitional team. Those South Side preachers don’t know much about the West Side. If you’re going to be governor of the entire state, you should have people from all over the state on your transition team.”

Dante Blackledge

Oh, yes, there should be someone on his transition team from the Austin community. We know he knows where Austin is because he was down here at this church campaigning.”

Edward Dade

“He most definitely should. If he does have anyone else on the team, it should be someone from the largest African-American community; a place where there is a great need for African-American empowerment.”

Mike Stinson

“Yes, Rauner should have someone from Austin on his transitional team. This is how he can be held accountable for his promises. Two people I would like to see as part of that time is Jackie Reid or Ira Acre.

Ron Smith

“Rauner needs someone from the Austin area because that’s where a lot of the problems are, and where black people are most in need. I think he needs someone with a strong economic background, like Malcolm Crawford of SankofaCenter.” 

Marlin Kirby

“He does have Rev. Wiley from Maywood, but he definitely needs someone from the Austin area so he can be accountable to the people.”

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