Charmaine Street

“I am on the nice list, and sometimes can be in between. The reason I say the nice list is because I do try to do the right thing and treat others the way I would like to be treated.”

Bonnie Mc Keown

“I’m on the naughty list because I intend to raise hell about the things that are going on in this country, and how it is affecting the people on the West Side,”

Chandra Hughes

“I’m on the nice list because I have a lot of people that have tried my patience, but I’ve been nice. I’ve done a lot of outreach, helping more with the homeless, so I think Santa should bring me a nice fur coat for Christmas — and I’ve told him that.”

Frank Frigo

“I am definitely on the nice list this year. My wife and I have been taking care of our new baby boy, Liam, and I’ve been a great dad and she’s been a great mom.  Christmas came early for us this year, so we’ve must have been on the good list.

Sherry Malone

“I am on the nice one, but I’m not quite sure why. I haven’t done anything to anyone this year. I’ve been supportive with family and friends. I’ve been blessed and I’m truly grateful for that. I’m on the nice list, at least I hope — everyone says that.” 

James Pruitt

“At the present time, I’m on the nice list. At one time I was on the terrible list. I am a Vietnam Vet and when I came back from Vietnam I was in bad shape, and I was just a mess. My wife, Stella Pruitt, who passed last year, helped me. Every year we were together, I got mellower. We were together 40-plus years, and we never had a fight or argument.”

Dawn Ferencak

I think I’m on the nice list this year because [my son] Paxton and I have been traveling back and forth to Kentucky to take care of my parents, who are both ill. We’ve been working really hard trying to keep up with work and home, and trying to have time together, so I think we are both on the nice list and we’re going to get everything we want.”

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