By now it may have occurred to you that the holidays are here already and it is time to buy presents for your loved ones. Whether it was the Christmas commercials in rotation around Halloween or the early bitter cold, you should certainly be aware that its time to make money for the holidays.  

The biggest question on peoples’ minds is how should they make a buck when groceries are costly and their personal income is down.  Making money is a natural hustle for some but a challenge for others.  The holidays are a great time to test your skills and talents using what you know how to do already to make money to spend on your gifts.

Sew It

We are on track for a brutal winter. Chicago is already experiencing lows and snow very early like the rest of the country.  Sewing jackets, scarfs, hats, and knitting goods are excellent ways to make money.  People will spend a fortune to be warm and look good.  All too often someone is standing around looking good but they are cold because they are missing accessories.  Make your money creating good looking items and selling them quickly on cold days.  The cold people will thank you.

Make It

By now we have all seen hustle man with socks, fruit baskets, and gift bags on the street. If he knows how to make his money so do you.  Decide what your product will be to sell this holiday season.  Some people make scented soap, lotions, and perfume. What woman in your life would not want a wonderful homemade gift in their life this holiday season? So be the provider of those gifts to others.  Other good options include making jewelry, barrettes, and even snazzy purses.  It takes a little bit of talent and knowledge to do these things. However, sites like Pinterest, and YouTube are great to visit to find ideas and learn how to create goods to sell.

Plate It

Anyone hungry will buy a plate of food and consume it. However, if you have a great product people will pay handsomely to eat your food on special occasions and not just because they are starving.  Determine your specialty, price point it, and charge. When your friends at work demand a plate of your home cooked food, offer instead to make them their favorite item if they pay for it.  This came in handy at work when people kept asking me to make them a pot of greens or macaroni. If you spend that much time and effort making foods for people that they love it should come with a price.  Prior to the holidays try selling plates of food from home for people too busy to cook. Make it a regular offer and always be consistent with your foods and people will pay for it.  If people can pay $10 to their fast food restaurant for mediocre sandwiches and salty fries, they would gladly pay you for a home-cooked meal.

Date It

The holidays mean there are many parties for people to attend for family, friends, and work.  Don’t underestimate the power of companionship. People will pay to have someone go out with them for the holidays, have someone dress them for the holidays, and to have someone personally shop for them over the holidays.  Determine what you can deal with as a person and provide information to people on what your service is and when you are available to help them.  

The holidays are kind of last minute to decide to make money to buy your gifts. Let’s face it, we are procrastinators by nature. And if you decide you need to make money in the last minute your brain will kick into overdrive trying to find ways to pay for things.  Tap into your natural talent and make money by offering your talent to others this holiday season. 


Angelic Jones is a freelance writer and book reviewer for Austin Weekly News

I am a native Chicagoan with a love for my city. I was born on the South Side. I am most interested in health and living. I attended University of Phoenix for a Masters in Health Administration and a Masters...