Tom Zapler

Merril Malone: 

“My Christmas wish for the world is I hope that everyone is more giving in 2015; there’s less selfishness and more giving. I just think people should give because you receive so much back if you give to people, so just give.”

Diane Stocker:

 “After all this stuff that’s been going on in the world, I don’t want anymore black people to have to tell their sons to be worried or scared — I am done with that. They shouldn’t ever have to have that conversation that you have to be scared of the police, or people in life. That’s so sad.”

Jeff Long: 

“My Christmas wish for the world would be for people to open their eyes and see as opposed to living on a stereotype and walking through the world with blinders on.”

Karen Calhoun: 

“Cultural competency and diversity because we are a diverse community. We are the beloved community. We are different in every way. There is no black and white world; there is only a world of beautiful people. Martin Luther King’s dream has been manifested, and our job is just to become competent in it.”

Michael Brown: 

“My wish for the world is that we just continue to grow and to keep growing, and just doing bigger and better things for one another. It’s like having a ministry, getting along with one another. No more wars, no more police brutality. I read once that hatred and anger are powerless when met with kindness.  That’s what I believe in.”

Tom Zapler

: “I would just hope it would be in the United States, if nowhere else, that people would truly believe and live in brotherly love. Live by the golden rule and everything will work out just fine.”

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