Weekly TV Show

Watch it LIVE! 
Thursday, January 8th at 7pm
CAN-TV Cable Channel 21
or www.cantv.org/hotline

Fathers Who Care and the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders are hosting their Weekly Television Show on Thursday, January 8th at 7:00pm on CAN-TV (Cable Channel 21). Watch it LIVE online at: www.cantv.org/hotline.

The show will be hosted by Mr. David Elam, President West Garfield Park Youth Council and the Special Guest will be Vernisha Jones, Vice-President West Garfield Park Youth Council.  The West Garfield Park Youth Council elected their 2015 officials back in October of 2014. 

Tune in to the Live Streaming and/or Call In to show Your Support!

Dial in phone:  312-738-1060

Live web streaming:  www.cantv.org/hotline 

Topics We Will Discuss:

  • Working to Promote a Safe and Drug Free Community
  • How to Communicate with Young People
  • Mentoring Our Future Leaders
  • Bridging the Generational Gaps
  • Young People Speak on the Conditions in their Communities