This letter is addressed to Stacy Davies Gates, the Chicago Teachers Union’s legislative coordinator. 

In mid-December, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) sent literature to its members endorsing aldermanic candidates in several wards. The endorsed candidates all have supported CTU’s positions on ways to improve Chicago Public Schools. As a concerned citizen recently mapped into the 29th Ward, I find it curious that CTU did not make an endorsement in the 29th Ward race at that time. 

Take Back Chicago’s research reveals that incumbent Alderman Graham did not oppose school closings in her ward in 2012 or 2013; nor did she support a moratorium on charter school expansion. She did not support CTU during the 2012 strike. Ald. Graham opposes an elected school board and voted against putting TIF surpluses back into neighborhood schools. In fact, her city council votes are 100 percent with the Mayor.

It is noteworthy that CTU organizer Brandon Johnson is a former employee of Ald. Graham. His wife still works in her office. Until August of this year, Mr. Johnson was the treasurer of two organizations run by Ald. Graham. He is also a trusted advisor to Karen Lewis and is the treasurer of Ms. Lewis’s campaign fund. 

— Frances Sapone, Oak Park

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