Ald. Emma Mitts, 37th Ward.

Democrats for Education Reform, described by the Illinois Observer as the state’s “top pro-charter school political action committee [PAC],” endorsed 37th Ward Alderman Emma Mitts in its first round of official endorsements last month.

The PAC described Mitts as a “tireless advocate for her community” who “believes that all students deserve a high-quality education, which is why she championed increasing diversity in Chicago’s best schools and expanding early education options for low-income children.”

Although Mitts expressed opposition to the school closings proposed in 2012 by Chicago Public Schools and approved by the Chicago Board of Education, the alderman has also expressed support for charter schools.

At a Chicago Board of Education meeting last January, Mitts defended Noble ITW and Chicago Education Partnership, two charters whose proposals she supported, according to a report by DNAinfo.

“I’m supporting charter schools,” she said at the time. “I know what I know, and I know that we need the charter schools there.”

“Our children’s educational future is at stake in this election in every ward and neighborhood of this city,” Rebeca Nieves-Huffman, DFER-IL state director, said.

“We are committed to bringing parents, students and teachers together to rally around candidates who will fight to ensure that Chicago can deliver a world-class education to our kids.”

According to the Illinois Observer, “The candidates were evaluated on their responses to a questionnaire, as well as their public statements and City Council votes.”