Weekly TV Show

Watch it LIVE! 
Thursday, January 29th at 7pm
CAN-TV Cable Channel 21
or www.cantv.org/hotline

Fathers Who Care and the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders are hosting their Weekly Television Show on Thursday, January 29th at 7:00pm on CAN-TV (Cable Channel 21). Watch it LIVE online at: www.cantv.org/hotline.

The show will be guest hosted by Rev. Walter Amir Jones, Jr., Project Director West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders and the Special Guest will be Honorable Jason Ervin, Alderman of the 28th Ward.

Tune in to the Live Streaming and/or Call In to show Your Support!

Dial in phone:  312-738-1060

Live web streaming:  www.cantv.org/hotline 

Topics We Will Discuss:

  • The State and Vision for the 29th Ward…
  • How to Promote a Safe and Drug Free Community?
  • Mentoring Our Future Leaders and Bridging the Inter-generational Gaps
  • Coalition Building and Community Partnerships
  • What is Civil Engagement and Why is it Important to Vote?