Tianna White

Brinsecce Coleman

“Harriett Tubman, because she was a beautiful woman and she rescued all those slaves.”

Melya Mithcell

“Madam C. J. Walker, because she made hair products for the black woman and I need that.”

Javon Evans

“Rosa Parks, because we can sit anywhere we want on the bus.  I don’t want to be on a bus that say, ‘Colored Only’.  I feel we should not be segregated like that.  I like equality and I feel that we should be equal.”

Princess Moore

“Thurgood Marshall, because he helped end illegal segregation.”

Roderick Rodgers

“Mayor Harold Washingtonm because he turned Chicago around.”

Tianna White

“W.E.B. Dubois, because I like what he did to contribute to Black History. I just learned about him in school and he was amazing.”