Jasmine Jones

Sy Bounds

“My favorite black film is Nothing But A Man, starring Abbey Lincoln and Ivan Dixon. It’s a great film about a black man drifting through life because he couldn’t find a job in that town, and he meets “the” woman, who backs him up and his whole life changes for the better.”

Tevin Franklin

“There are so many films I like, so it’s hard to choose.  I really like Malcolm X because he was always honest.  The movie tells the truth about a super revolutionary guy who stood up for everybody, and I like that.”

Jacquel King

 “I liked the Butler because it was a good movie about working in the White House as a black man and having to put up with all the stuff he did.  I watched it twice at home on cable.”

Bill Ray Lewis

“Selma!  The historical significance of that motion picture needs to be studied by the youth today.  Selma as well as 12 Years A Slave has great significance.  Both will give you a great contrast between then and now, which is still then.”


“I really like Lean on Me with Morgan Freeman as Mr. Clark the high school principle who went to great lengths to help troubled high school students.  I like films about young people getting an education and overcoming obstacles.”

Jasmine Jones

“I liked the Butler because it was a good movie and it covered several presidents and times in history.  It made me think about black history and how far we have comwe and how far we have yet to go”