Director Darryl Pitts

If you missed it earlier this month, now here’s your chance to see the documentary Reel Black Love: Black Romance in Film! 

REEL BLACK LOVE: Free film, all ages 6-8 p.m. Wed. Feb 25, 2015
Bezazian Public Library: 1226 West Ainslie St., Chicago, IL 60640; phone (312) 744-0019

Admit it or not, we all learn about grownup love watching the movies. Darryl Pitts’ 70 minute documentary, Reel Black Love, spins an entrancing, flavorful history of African-American film romance. Leading actors like Diahann Carroll, Nia Long, Bernie Casey, Keenen Ivory Wayans, and Leon, interviewed in Reel Black Love, show and tell how they project every feeling from naughtiness to gallantry onto the big screen. Karen Sharpe Kramer, widow of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner director Stanley Kramer, relates the backstage love of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn and the challenge of promoting Sidney Poitier’s interracial romance movie.

See a trailer for Reel Black Love:

A Chicago SouthSider and 20 year veteran of the TV and advertising industry, filmmaker Darryl Pitts intersperses his interviews with over 60 actors, actresses, directors among clips of favorite films. Many people leave his screenings saying, “I’d like to see some of these movies.” If they haven’t, many times, already! Nearly 100 people showed up at the Austin Town Hall Feb. 11 on the West Side for his presentation, co-sponsored by the Austin Weekly News and West Side Business Network.