Charlotte Stephenson

Isaiah Robinson

“This might be very controversial, but I have to say Bill Cosby. Before this scandal broke, his legacy was that of being the only positive black role model in entertainment.  His comedy was funny and clean. What he gave us with “The Cosby Show” was amazing and unprecedented.  I think what he is going through is an attempt to tear down his legacy.”

Edward Dade

“I think Denzel has delivered some of the most incredible performances of any actor.  His Malcolm X was unbelievable.  He even looked like him. His mannerism, his speech, was exceptional. Too bad he has only won an Oscar for his corrupt and negative police role and not one for the many fine characters he has brought to the screen.”

Beverly Stewart

“My favorite African-American poet is Sterling Brown.  I really like the poem he did about Nat Turner and the rebellion he led against slavery. Another of my favorites is his poem about Ma Rainey and how her music brought comfort to people as they worked in the fields.  It’s wonderful to think how music can comfort people.  Sterling’s poetry is an example of how Black History emerged and how it has been excluded from history.”

Jason Ferguson

“My favorite poet is me. I always write poems to express the serious things of life. My message is not just to entertain, but it is designed to be thought provoking and to reach the heart and the mind of the listener.” 


“My favorite actress is Taraji P. Henson. I love everything she does. I am never bored watching her like I am with other actresses. She always plays strong women, yet she can be funny and sensitive. I really love her as Cookie on “Empire.”

Charlotte Stephenson

“I really like Spike Lee as a director because of the types of movies he makes.  He makes truthful, real life, documentary type of movies like “Malcolm X” and “Do the Right Thing.” His films are about what really goes on in the black community.”