Vera Sharp

“Michelle Obama because we went to the same high school and graduated from Whitney Young.  It’s just such a pleasure to be able to be in this particular season and this time to witness a strong black woman in the White House.”


Ava Gulledge

” I most admire my mother, Annie Gulledge. She has been through the storm; she took care of seven daughters, and departed her positive influence and spirituality on them.  She is still working to this day.  She is working with her grand children.”


Debbie Guffy

“I admire my mother, Josephine Guffy.  She gave birth to me, gave me life, and raised me to the best of her knowledge, and I turned out pretty well.”


Tatyona Davis

“I admire my mother, Denise Davis. I would like to honor her because she does all she can to make me the great and upcoming person that I am.”


Alfred Whitehead

“That’s easy.  It’s my mother, Essie Whitehead.   I admire my mother because she inspired me to be the best man I could be.  She was such an incredible woman, and more than being my mother, she was my best friend, so that’s the one.”


Winda Leigh

“Cleopatra Barrett because she took me in and took care of me.  She is such a wonderful, wonderful, lovely lady. I just love, admire, and adore her.  She’s  my Godmother, she’s my mother, she’s my sister, and she’s my friend.  She’s a lovely sistah!