Necole Brown

“Sure, Rosa Parks because of her courage.  For the courage that she had to stand up for what’s right; stand up for the black woman. What she did made a big difference.”


Brittania Talbert

“Yes, Angela Davis for her contribution to the whole Black Power movement. For her shifting it from reclaiming Black male masculinity to actually incorporating woman in it.”


Stephanie Marquez

” Michelle Obama because she is helping us and she is a beautiful sister and a great example of what a woman can be to help her man.  And, she has a man in the White House.”


Jailah McKinney

“I would like to honor Rosa Parks because she was a person of her word, and he helped many, many people.”


Jada Smith

“Yes Coretta Scott King because she stood up for her beliefs, and she was a very powerful woman.  She stood by her man.”


Andrew Washington

“My mother Ruthie Lee Washington for the way she raised me.  That was fine.  Just look at me, she did a great job.”