Chicago Sun-Times sticks with incumbents in 29th and 37th Wards

The 29th and 37th Ward runoff races ramped up with the Chicago Sun-Times on Friday, March 20, releasing its endorsements of candidates in the upcoming April 7 runoff elections. Unlike its earlier round of endorsements, this time the paper decided to throw its support behind both incumbents.

The paper, which endorsed Ald. Mitts (37th) ahead of the Feb. 24 election, will also endorse her this time around. Mitts faces schoolteacher and Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) member Tara Stamps in April

In the 29th Ward, the Sun-Times endorsed Galewood attorney Bob Galhotra before last month’s election. But since attorney and police officer Chris Taliaferro forced Graham into a runoff, the paper has decided to endorse the latter.

“This is another race with two solid candidates,” the paper notes, before describing Graham as, “[f]ocused and direct” and “not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and to defend her decisions.” 

“We still question her judgment on two controversial decisions — supporting the opening of another pawn shop and another convenience/liquor store in the ward — but she owned those decisions,” the paper notes.

Maretta Brown-Miller, Willie Wilson endorse Mitts; Leroy Davis endorses Stamps

In a recently released statement, the campaign of 37th Ward Alderman Emma Mitts announced that it’s earned the endorsements of Mitts’s former challenger, Chicago Park District administrator Maretta Brown-Miller and former mayoral candidate Willie Wilson.

“Both Alderman Mitts and I share a deep commitment to this community,” Brown-Miller said in a statement.

“I believe that Alderman Emma Mitts is the better candidate to keep the 37th Ward moving forward. She is equipped to best represent our neighborhood in City Hall,” Brown-Miller said.

“I am interested in a strong council and therefore the [a]ldermanic races are crucial,” said Wilson in a statement. “These are the individuals who will make laws and lives better for the residents of Chicago. I am supporting Emma Mitts because it is important to all citizens living in the City of Chicago.”

Wilson has announced that he is endorsing Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia in the April 7 mayoral runoff. Mitts is a supporter of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Former 37th Ward aldermanic candidate Leroy Duncan, a CAPS beat facilitator and president of the 1500 N. Lotus Block Club, announced that he’ll endorse Tara Stamps.

“I’ve lived in the 37th Ward for 29 years, and I know it’s time for a change in leadership,” Duncan said in a statement. “We need an alderman who will work hard every day to make our community safe, prosperous, and informed.” 

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