Cynthia Moody

“People are going to be people. God bless all people.”


Margaret Dade

” I like it. I think it’s a beautiful thing because that person’s race doesn’t matter.  What matter is how you feel about them.  If you love them, you love them.  White, black, Chinese, Jamaican, African, their race doesn’t matter.”



“Hey, to each his own.  Live and be happy.  That’s how I feel.


Curtis Linton

“Long as she smile wild for me, I’m good.  A woman is a woman, so long as she has the ‘goodies’. I’m happy.”


Bobby Thomas

“As long as it’s a woman, it’s a woman to me.  My best thing is to tell them to come on down and handle Mr. Bob.”


Jaylen Johnson 

“My thoughts about that is its good, but some of them is not. Like, if your dad is married to a white woman, and your mom is black, and the white woman don’t like you and don’t like your mom, then what’s the point of it?