Good Day Friends and Community Partners with Fathers Who Care and the West Garfield Park Community Stakeholders.

Thank all of you for attending our Community Listening and Empowerment Meeting, that was held on Monday, March 09, 2015. The following are issues we discussed and possible ways to address the Plight and Concerns in Our Community.

1.  It was recommended by the surveys completed that we should continue to facilitate Community Listening and Empowerment forums, via highlighting the following concerns:
a)  Additional Education and Data on Issues
b)  Strengthening Our Media Appeal and Outreach
c)  Present more activities for Parents and Young People to Bridge the Gaps.
d)  How to Revisit the Community Village Mentality and the Importance of Black Love?
2.  How to Address the “Purple Elephant = FEAR” that are community is presently experiencing?
3.  Identifying more resources to Support Evidence-based Mentoring Programs and Cultural/History Awareness Programs.
4.  Continue the Planning and Implementation on our Stop Underage Drinking Campaign.  Community Awareness Event on Reducing Underage Drinking  is scheduled for April 25 @ Personal Liquors, 4300 West Madison.
Others Topics covered were as follow:
a)  How Can Youth Empower Youth?
b)  How Can We Collectively Promote A Safe and Drug free Community?
c)  Why Should We Create Collaborations Among With Other Community Stakeholders?
d)  What Are Young People Saying, About The Conditions in their Communities?
e)  What Is Civil Engagement?
The above information is just a brief recap on the issues presented and the follow-up requested from our Executive Board.
Community, We Have Not, When We  Request Not…  United We Stand – Divided We Fall.
“Team Work – Can Make The Dream Work”.
P.S.  Personal calls will be made to those who are requesting more Coalition Involvement.
For additional information, and/or to expedite your personal concerns, please feel free to contact us at 773-287-5821 or email
Thanking you in advance for your Commitment to Engaging, Educating and Empowering Our Community.
In His Service,
Rev. Walter A. Jones, Jr.