Erica Fayoadie

“No, and I have lived here all my life.  No one has made me feel inferior or made comments based on my race.  I guess it because I am a nice person.”

Jaree Clark

” No I have not, and neither have any of my friends.  I have lived in Chicago all my life, and I just try to keep my nose clean.  If I were to be stopped or harassed by the police, I’d just call my mom.”

Jessica Pagan

“Kind of, yeah.  One time some female police pulled me over when I was parked on a side street. They pulled up behind me, and they hassled me about not having a car seat. They also said, ‘well next time your kids might die if you don’t have a car seat.  That caught me off guard that they would say something like that.  Sometimes, female cops try to be hard like men, and I don’t like that.  They use that badge as a force to get something out of people instead of just being there for the people. ” 

Phillip Day

“Me personally, no, but I know several people that have.  I can give you one example of people hanging out late at night just having fun and the police come and make them leave whereas if they had been in Oak Park somewhere or they were just white people, the police would have just left them alone and let them do what they want to do.”

Roy Elston

“Definitely, me, myself.  I use to stay up north in the uptown area around Wilson, and the police up there target the young black individuals like myself; they call me the college boy.  I’m all about my academics, and the police will stop me on the way home from school and call me the “N” word.  They stereo type me and go right in with the verbal and mental abuse saying you’re just a thug, or you’re just another nigger.”

Darnell Pettus

” Well, not me. I have never knowing experienced it.  None of my friends have either, at least none that I know of.”

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