On March 30, 2015, at approximately 3:15-3:30 pm, two 9-year-old males exited school located in the 700 block of N. Lorel Ave. after dismissal and were walking southbound towards Huron St. when a white van pulled up. An unknown male black exited the van and said, “Come here, I got some candy for you,” while holding candy in his hand. The victims did not respond and continued walking. When the van began to follow them, the victims ran away and notified family members about the incident. The victims reported that there was also a male black passenger seated in the van.

About the Offender

• The offender was is described as a male black, 30-40 years old, 6’0″ tall, 180 lbs

• Last seen wearing sunglasses, a black hat, black hooded sweatshirt under a dark

jacket and dark pants.

• The passenger in the vehicle was only described as a male black.

About the Vehicle

• Described as a white van with a driver’s side window, passenger window, and

two windows located on the rear doors of the van.

• There was no license plate information obtained at this time.

What You Can Do

• Call 911 to report any suspicious persons or activity

• Walk in pairs

• Don’t talk to strangers or approach strange vehicles

• Be aware of your surroundings travel in well lit and populated areas

If you have any information about this incident, please call the Area North Bureau of Detectives at (312) 744-8266. Anonymous Tips can be submitted to TIPSOFT.COM

Reference – RD# HY-205085 Alert HY205085-CA Date 31 MAR 2015.